Su Coru stole


Fabric: mixed Modal rayon

Colour: black

Fiber composizione: 50% Cotton, 50% Modal rayon

Dimensions: 180 x 50 cm 

Brand: Bagella by Inveloveritas

Origin: Made in Sardinia

Bagella foldable packaging: Included

Raw cut; 4-colour handmade silkscreen printing: cream, red, turquoise, gold

Garment care: Wash by hand or in the washing machine, on the reverse, with a delicate cold program and without softener to preserve the print. Iron upside down.


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The Inveloveritas brand: Inveloveritas is a fashion and design brand that explores the meanings of tradition in the contemporary world. Through the observation of contemporary society, the brand re-interprets the geometries, patterns, textures and colours of the Sardinian tradition in art and craft, to give them a contemporary “new tradition”.

Bagella by Inveloveritas: The collaboration between the two brands stemmed form the creation of the “Stay Tuned with Your Roots” limited edition t-shirts: two designs created exclusively to represent the “connection” with our land. One of them was dedicated to the Nudeus, the ancient amulets of the Sardinian tradition, often heart-shaped; by combining them, a new pattern was developed. The “Su Coru” stole is a re-interpretation of that pattern, the amulets being printed on a traditional Orgosolo shawl. The stole shows the silhouette of a nude female half-bust, with her head covered by the shawl. An image of freedom that explores the stereotypes of modern society related to the nude and the veil, and the idea that we reveal our identity and personality through the accessories we choose and identify with, giving them an individual and unique meanings.

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