Burgundy Sardinian Taschedda Sack


Materiale: high-pile velvet

Rhombus-shaped insert: devorè velvet, typical of the Sardinian tradition

Shoulder straps: adjustable, black leather

Eyelets: brass-plated

Closure: with black leather drawstring

Inside zip pocket

Lined interior

Size: base 34 cm, height 38 cm

Origin: Made in Sardinia

Brand: Bagella



In stock

Sa Taschedda or Sa Tasca is the Sardinian backsack, usually made of cowhide, used by shepherds and farmers to carry food and drink. 

Bagella offers its personal reinterpretation of an accessory from the Sardinian tradition, taht is the result of careful research into the materials used, while retaining its original unique shape and special closure.

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