Exhibit opening event FRIDAY OCTOBER 9, 2015 at 7:30pm in our venue at Corso Vittorio Emanuele 20 in Sassari.

OCTOBER 10-24 – at 10am–1pm / 5-8pm

Caterina Satta’s paintings embody an aspect of the visual arts that relates to the history of civilizations.
A work that shows an attachment to her land of origin and to Barbagia in particular, through the research of a popular art that is visible in the fabrics and jewels of those costumes that have bloomed extraordinarily in Sardinia.

The artist lingers in a difficult art domain, which is not that popular among the media: it is the art of memory, reflecting on the past and exploring its relevance.
And as there is a deep affinity between all the religions of the world, so the decorative motifs (which are combinations of forms) are an element that pulls together the peoples of different civilizations: they arise spontaneously from the mind of men and women who seek the order of things and love, above all, rhythm, reproducing it in the visible structures; something similar happens in music and these paintings have indeed, among other precious things, a robust musicality, marked by the sign of colour.

Paolo Portoghesi