Clothes and faces of Sardinian tradition in the photographs by Alessandro Spiga

Exhibit opening event on Thursday March 26 marzo, at 7:30pm

Wine tasting event offered
by Cantina Pùmari

The exhibit will be open between March 26-April 10.
Opening time: 10am–1pm / 5-8pm

ALESSANDRO SPIGA, a young photographer from Cagliari, wishes to recover the intense and composed aura of the retrattos, the ancient “posed” shots of our grandparents, in order to give pride and fierceness back to faces and clothes, which are often lost in the name of a vulgar idea of “folk show”.
His work is evocative and has strong visual power; it has received official acclaim and recognition at the last Sony World Photography Awards: two RETRATTOS were selected by the jury of the international Award in the Art and Culture category.