On Friday, October 6, at 8pm, Bagella will present “Hemina – Contemporary Brand Fashion”.

the new scarf collection created by artist and designer Pamela Pira; made of high fashion pure georgette silk made in Italy.

The Collection will be launched and informed by an image that depicts three women, a symbol of the womb that embraces creation, in three archaic colors: white, black and red.
“Hemina” explores the numerology of 5 that encompasses various themes:

  • there are 5 Muccadores (=fazzoletti) ;
  • there are 5 senses ;
  • there are 5 elements: earth, fire, water, air and the ether;
  • there are 5 lines on the pentagram;
  • there are 5 fingers in a hand, which create the magical geometries of Sardinian traditional weaving and re-interpret fashion accessories.

The collection will be presented by Professor Chiara Sedda and, on the day of the launch, it will also be possible to meet artist Pamela Pira.

During the evening, a concert will be held by Patrizio Del Duca, a nationally renown bluesman, followed by a wine tasting event offered by Cantina Sorres.