The event will be held during the “Monumenti Aperti” cultural event on 06/05 at 4.30–8pm and on 07/05 at 10am–1pm, 4.30–8pm

Bagella opened in 1932 and it is one of the historic shops of Sassari (and rightly so). The company was launched by Nino and Mario Bagella as “Bagella Brothers” and its business was very much like an “emporium”, a general store; it was quite common at that time because of not many general stores were available to sell general goods. Soap, perfumes, sewing threads, buttons, clothing, haberdashery, beachwear and underwear were sold to meet the varied demand of local consumers.
The dark years of the recession loomed over the business, but the determination of these two brothers in their thirties overcame the well-based rampant pessimism and helped them face greater and greater threats during the war.
After the crisis and thank to the experience gained, the Bagella Brothers also opened other shops on Via Luzzatti and Piazza Castello that conquered customers thanks to the quality and reliability of their products. At that time, well-dressed men used to wear “Merz” shirts, “Diva” ties and “Sama” knitwear. “Prm” was the most popular women’s tight brand, being sold in a forward-thinking packaging, an elegant casket that many ladies still treasure.
In 1950, the shop on Corso V. Emanuele was also awarded the first “Leo Windows” national prize for the best shop window, organized by Metro Goldwyn Mayer.
Today, the shop is managed by the family heirs who have been awarded the “Historical Shop” plaque by the Regional Government of Sardinia, and continue to distinguish themselves as some of the best traders of Sardinian Traditional Clothing.